Various combinations of Polymer structures & sizes could create new mechanical properties.

Those different materials are spread over the complete scale of each property (very soft to very hard, clear to blank, heat sensitivity to heat resistance, e.g.). No doubt it is difficult to define the exact cutting condition of rotation speed in related to the cutting feed.

Kindly, refer to a couple guidelines to optimize cutting process:

  • The larger the chip size, the larger the tool lifetime.
  • For “elastic/soft” material, we highly recommend to work with a minimal number of cutting edges; For Instance, it is preferable to work with 1 flute, not with 2 flutes.
  • For “hard/ breakable” material, it is preferable to use with additional cutting edges; for instance: Using 300 diameter saw with 96 teeth, not 60 teeth.
  • Tools for use in plastics are characterized by extremely sharp cutting angles. Carbide tips is required to support an angle in order not to crumble during cutting.

In order to define the material, it is recommended to use the attached table.