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DIMAR is a leading global cutting tools group with production centers in Germany, Switzerland, Israel and with its own distribution network.

Founded in 1960, the DIMAR GROUP developed in house capabilities in producing state-of-the-art saw blades, CNC tools, routers, cutters and drills; using only the highest quality of raw material.

Distinctively DIMAR: Cutting-edge takes on a whole new meaning at DIMAR! Long-standing leaders in the design and manufacture of one of the world’s most extensive lines of precision cutting tools for 4 key industries: Woodworking, Plastics, Aluminum and Composite Materials.

DIMAR is proud to lead the cutting tools market into a new era of precision and innovation.

With a global presence in more than 35 countries, 7 subsidiaries and its own distributors network, DIMAR customers enjoy the highest level of technical support and service around the globe.

Products and solutions

For decades, DIMAR has been at the forefront of growing industry demands for top-quality cutting tools. With an enormous range of precise and advanced cutting tools, DIMAR is offering an outstanding solutions for a range of materials and applications.

Around the world

With a global presence in more than 35 countries, 7 subsidiaries and distributors network, DIMAR is proud to offer its customers a state- of- the art customer service, on time deliveries, training and professional technical support.

Our Subsidiaries

Other materials

DIMAR offer a comprehensive range of saw blades, cutters and router bits for variety of industries and materials:

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Various combinations of Polymer structures & sizes could create new mechanical properties. Those different materials are spread over the complete scale of each property (very soft to very hard, clear to blank, heat sensitivity to heat resistance, e.g.). No doubt it is difficult to define the exact cutting condition of rotation speed in related to the cutting feed.


DIMAR has developed a world class line of router bits for solid surface materials, used by the construction industry. Among these special materials are the Corian, Fountainhead Avonite, etc.


Although wood-cutting tools with carbide tipped blades will usually cut most aluminum surfaces, Dimar recognizes the challenges of machining Aluminium and has developed a group of tools that offer clean and easy- cut solutions for this demanding material. Dimar range includes both Saw blades for aluminum profiles and aluminum bars, ACM (Aluminum combined with Plastics), cutters and dedicated CNC tools.

Construction materials

Dimar has developed a world class line of router bits for solid surface materials. Tools profile produced for such materials provide a complete solution for all applications & profiles in this category. Tooling’s shape & measurements shall comply with the particular processing stages.