Group Profile

The DIMAR GROUP is a leading global cutting tools group with production centers in Germany, Switzerland, Israel and with its own distribution network, to give you the highest level of technical support.

COMPANY1_20181223104050.486.pngFounded in 1960, the DIMAR GROUP has developed in house capabilities in producing state-of-the-art; saw blades, CNC tools, routers, cutters and drills; using only the most reliable sources of raw materials.

DIMAR offers you innovative, fast-time to market solutions for cutting multi-layer materials in woodworking and other industries, that use fiber materials such as glass / carbon fibers, or honeycomb.

Distinctively Dimar: Cutting-edge takes on a whole new meaning at Dimar!

Long-standing leaders in the design and manufacture of one of the world’s most extensive lines of precision cutting tools for 4 key industries: Woodworking, Plastics, Aluminum and Composite Materials.


Delivering Innovation: Developing new, more efficient and more cost effective cutting tool solutions for your business is our business. Dimar R&D is always on the move, designing and testing new and improved tool geometries, material properties, tool holders and more; specially engineered to maximize performance.

Member companies are located in Europe, USA, Canada and the Far East. Dimar is supported by a large global distribution network; supplying our comprehensive range of cutting tool solutions in 60 countries worldwide.