Advanced Materials

DIMAR offers a comprehensive range of saw blades, cutters and router bits for various industries, materials and applications:

There is an enormous variety of plastics. Various combinations of Polymer structures & sizes could create new mechanical properties and it is always difficult to determine the exact tool for each material and application. DIMAR is well familiar with the unique characteristics of Plastic and is proud to offer dedicated cutting tools for easy, precise and clean work.

As global industries look to advanced composite materials to reduce weight and increase strength, then the challenge of cutting the abrasive composite materials becomes a crucial part of the process. DIMAR is proud to introduce a new range of tools for composite materials, with significant improvement in tool life-time, cutting quality and cost.

Cutting metal with metal is a work for professionals. Dimar recognizes the challenges of machining Aluminum and has developed a group of tools that offer clean and easy- cut solutions for this demanding material. Dimar range includes both Saw blades for aluminum profiles and aluminum bars, ACM (Aluminum combined with Plastics), cutters and dedicated CNC tools. 

Construction materials
Some exotic materials are used for various construction uses. Solid surface construction material comes in a wide array of colors and patterns and marketed as maintenance free surfaces. Dimar has developed a world class line of router bits for solid surface materials that provide a complete solution for all applications & profiles in this category.

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Solid Surface Materials