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Group Profile

The DIMAR GROUP is a leading global cutting tools group with production centers in Germany, Switzerland, Israel and with its own distribution network, to give you the highest level of technical support.

Founded in 1960, the DIMAR GROUP has developed in house capabilities in producing state-of-the-art; saw blades, CNC tools, routers, cutters and drills; using only the most reliable sources of raw materials.

DIMAR offers you innovative, fast-time to market solutions for cutting multi-layer materials in woodworking and other industries, that use fiber materials such as glass / carbon fibers, or honeycomb.

Distinctively Dimar: Cutting-edge takes on a whole new meaning at Dimar!

Long-standing leaders in the design and manufacture of one of the world’s most extensive lines of precision cutting tools for 4 key industries: Woodworking, Plastics, Aluminum and Composite Materials.

Delivering Innovation: Developing new, more efficient and more cost effective cutting tool solutions for your business is our business. Dimar R&D is always on the move, designing and testing new and improved tool geometries, material properties, tool holders and more; specially engineered to maximize performance.

Member companies are located in Europe, USA, Canada and the Far East. Dimar is supported by a large global distribution network; supplying our comprehensive range of cutting tool solutions in 60 countries worldwide.