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For decades, Dimar has been at the forefront of growing industry demands for top-quality CNC cutting tools for wood, man-made board, plastics and advanced materials. Fully automated precision machinery, dedicated quality control equipment and the use of only the highest quality raw materials, has allowed Dimar to offer a world-class selection of superior cutting tool options for CNC operations; from the basic to the most advanced. Our technical know-how and ongoing research and development has resulted in the continuous introduction of new and innovative solutions.

Featured New Tools for CNC Applications:

  • DnamicX2 - The Ultimate in Router Bits: New generation long-lasting straight router bits specially engineered for increased tool life. For CNC operation on man-made wood board, plastic, solid surfaces, hard wood and soft wood.
  • Spoilboard Surfacing Router: Three family groups available for planing, solid wood and manmade board, and spoilboard surfacing operations.
  • Round Over Point Cutter: Adaptable design features replaceable knives and same tool height with different radii. For MDF door frame and carving on CNC machines. Small Adjustable Chamfer Cutter: Designed for smaller CNC machines working in smaller sizes in all types of wood.
  • Diamond Tools (PCD): A selection of quality PCD tools for CNC operations. High durability, long-life cutting quality and reliability. on man-made wood board, plastic, solid surfaces, hard and soft wood.
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